Prospectus Design

The prospectus or brochure is often the first impression that a parent or prospective student has of the school or college. We all know how first impressions count, so what does your prospectus say about your school or college? Oyster has been working with schools and college for some time and we’ve got some tips on the process and considerations involved in designing your prospectus or brochure.

Making decisions

Very often the first point of reference when considering a school will be your prospectus. First impressions are critical, a bad start is hard to overcome, a good one is a big stride in the right direction. Selecting a school is a fairly prescriptive process – you read the prospectus, (visit the website) and then, if the impression is good, you visit the school. The school visit is probably when you make your decision but the prospectus will shape your attitude before you visit, or at worst prevent you from making that visit!

Design and message

The values and character of your school need to radiate from your prospectus. It sounds simple but actually it’s a refined process that needs a lot of thought. People don’t want to wade through reams of copy or endure a flat copy style, so how you deliver the written message is critical. Images are the first point of reference for the eye, we interpret a great deal from pictures of people. Paper stock and size will influence the look and feel. Design and layout need to make the prospectus easy to view and of course look fantastic!


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