Human Rights at Sea website launches

At Oyster, we have a lot of experience working with a wide range of charities and NGOs. We were delighted to be able to use these skills and experience on the new Human Rights at Sea website which was launched recently. The site is a major upgrade for this International NGO that focus on lobbying and influencing the conditions and lives of those who live and work on the sea. At any one time, there are 30 million people at sea and the Human Rights at Sea organisation believe that those at sea should have their human rights protected in the same way as those on land.

A fresh design to show scale and impact

The new Human Rights at Sea website features a new design to help their content have the most effect in illustrating their purpose as an organisation. The homepage shows the scale of the challenge facing the organisation and their partners, as well as the impact that Humans Rights at Sea have already had. With clear CTAs and onward navigation combined with website mechanics that ensure new and regular users can find the information and content they are looking for, the site has improved the user experience for those looking to find out more. One key challenge we had to overcome was the vast resource and news content that the original website held. This content has now been organised and is easily accessible for those looking to access resources on the site. Oyster and the Human Rights at Sea worked closely on the messaging and storytelling so that users could quickly understand who Human Rights at Sea were and the importance of their work.

The project itself was a great project to be a part of and Oyster were delighted with the final website. The Human Rights at Sea team were also delighted with the final outcome.

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